Dragon Sword I -Secret Of The Lost Book-

by Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream



First album Of "The Dragon Sword Saga" - July 2011

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released July 21, 2011

Composed By Peter Crowley - 2011

Album arts rights belong to JHS

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Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream Hyères, France

My name is Peter Crowley, I'm a french independent composer of fantasy and adventure music, covering a huge range of style as :

Celtic Music
Symphonic Metal
Film music

Music has been my passion from a young age, I was first attracted by symphonic metal. I started to compose in 2008 that style of music until 2012 when I discovered genres like the ones just up there.
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Track Name: Lost In A Dark World
Far Way Voice :
...We’re Lost In A Dark World...
...Give me your soul...
...Give me your power...
...Give me your soul...

Kartanel The Minstrel :
Deria was a beautiful land where all people lived in peace,
But many tirans, took the control of the land
And wish to extend their infuence through all the world...
The nation is reduce to slavery and there’s no hope for anyone...
Moreover the magic reign in those lands and the tyrans,
Provide of many powers, use those on people who don’t submit to them...
Who whe are, where we are...we’re lost in a dark world...
Track Name: The Warrior And The Wizard
II. The Warrior And The Wizard

Kartanel The Minstrel :
But some people resist and expect to gather an army to overthrow the power...
Among them, is a men, with a courage and a strenght
Egal to those of a dragon...this name is Torek The Warrior...

He is the Legendary hero of The Legend Of Time, known by everybody...
He wants to live a life in peace,
That’s why he start a quest against the black lords...
Indeed, his old friend, a powerful wizard called Grey
Knows the existence of and old lost book which contained
The secret of the ultimate power...
Track Name: Beginning Of A Quest
III. Beginning Of A Quest

Far Way Voice :
...Give me your soul...
...Give me your power...
Kartanel The Minstrel :
They know many dangers are waiting them on their way...
But, their faith in victory is unshakable...
They’re ready to do all they can To free the land of terror and servitude...
Track Name: Creatures Of Darkness
IV. Creatures Of Darkness

Kartanel The Minstrel :
To find ways to discover this old book,
Grey and Torek decide to go to Lahia,
A city far away where wizards rules,
This is where rise the Light Fortress,
A tower that contain mystical books,
And maybe informations to find
The old book and his secrets...

But after hours and days of journey,
They are attacked by many Creatures of Darkness,
Deamons and Damned Souls...

Torek :
By the spirits ! What is that ?
Grey :
They’re creatures of the underworld,
Sent to kill all the peoples who resist !
Torek :
Oh my Gods, they’re powerful !
They’ve taken my sword, use a shock wave Grey !
Grey :
I don’t like this silence...
Torek :
Grey, Behind you !
Track Name: Forgotten Land
V. Forgotten Land

Kartanel The Minstrel :
In front of the city, they realize it was
destroyed by tyranny and battles,
but the Fortress is unviolable, and only
the powerful wizards can cross the magical
protections which cover this one...
Grey :
Demons! Creatures! Tyrans! for what you made you will burn in hell
Kill by myself with the power of the dragon fire !
Track Name: Light Fortress
VI. Light Fortress

Torek :
There is so much books there...
How can we find those informations ?
Grey :
I am not sure we can find those ones...but we have to
Try at least...come on torek, courage !
Track Name: The Mysterious Crypt
VII. The Mysterious Crypt

Grey :
Damn it ! there is too much books you were right...
(Old Gate’s Noise)
Torek :
Oh ! Look ! what is that ? An hidden way !
Grey :
I can’t believe my eyes ! this is the famous
Mysterious Crypt ! you found it Torek !
Come on, let’s go...
Track Name: Dragon's Spirit
VIII. Dragon’s Spirit

Torek :
Where are we Grey ? What is that world ?....
(The Dragon Appear)
Grey :
By the gods ! It a Dragon’s Spirit, the protector
Of the crypt...we can’t escape...
Torek :
Use your power Grey !
Grey :
No I can’t, this dragon is not a real, it is black magic
You must fight it with your sword !!
By the spirits !!
Where is the Dragon ?
Track Name: Secret Of The Lost Book
IX. Secret Of The Lost Book

Kartanel The Minstrel :
They finaly slayed the beast...this mystical Dragon’s Spirit...
They realize this crypt is a path to an another world, an empty
World with infinty of landscapes veiled by mist and fog...
The only thing we could see, at the middle of this weird world,
It’s a grave...
Torek :
Grey, Look, What is it written there?
Grey :
This is an old wizard’s dialect...
This is the grave of the first wizard of the Order Of Creators...
One brotherhood of very powerful wizards of the ancient time,
Creators of the wonderful Lahia, they were the first ones
To overcome the forces of the evil 1000 years ago and
To restore the peace on these lands...
It is written on the grave that the secret of the
Power which they storm at the
Darkness one millenium ago was drafted by the
First wizard of the order himself, the Great Dagoras, in an old
Book named: the Power Of the Order of Creators …
The secrets it contains did not however have to fall in the
hands of an impure and bad spirit, it is for it that Dagoras
locked the book into a place that he created himself thanks
to the greatness of his magic, almost impregnable and mysterious,
a place which he named… The Temple Of Dreams …