Dragon Sword II -The Temple Of Dreams-

by Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream



The second album of the "Dragon Sword Saga" - August 2011

All music's Rights Reserved - Protected By Copyright France


released August 27, 2011

All songs composed by Peter Crowley

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Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream Hyères, France

My name is Peter Crowley, I'm a french independent composer of fantasy and adventure music, covering a huge range of style as :

Celtic Music
Symphonic Metal
Film music

Music has been my passion from a young age, I was first attracted by symphonic metal. I started to compose in 2008 that style of music until 2012 when I discovered genres like the ones just up there.
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Track Name: The New Way
The New Way

Kartanel The Minstrel :
In the secret crypt of the fortress, Torek and Grey
Find precious informations on the place
Where is the old book of the Order Of Creators
And how to reach it...
It is written in this grave that the Temple Of Dreams
Is in a place of darkness and damnation,
Protected by many demons and evil spells...
A valley of darkness where no life can bloom …
Track Name: Lost Valley Of Darkness
Lost Valley Of Darkness

Kartanel The Minstrel :
The great Dagoras didn’t lie, this valley
Is the worst place where could be a man...
It’s only darkness and desolation...
Track Name: The Cold Blow Of Winter
The Cold Blow Of Winter

Kartanel The Minstrel :
However, the famous temple is not so easy
To find because it appears only for the
Owner of two magic artefacts contained in the
Valley … According to the epitaph of Dagoras
These artefacts are the following ones:
The First one is The Jewel of Ice,
More known under the name of; The Cold Blow Of Winter,
Which is in this valley …
So, when Torek and Grey put themselves in search of this one,
The dry and dark landscapes
Which formed the Lost Valley disappear
Then are transformed, both heroes are in few
Seconds on a mountain where the blizzard rages and
Where lighting crack the sky…
Grey deduct that it is the magic of
Dagoras that produced this …
So, they dash in the search of the Jewel of Ice
Into the stiff cracks of this mountain before
Dying from cold …

Torek :
Look there ! The Cold Blow Of Winter !
Grey :
Go ! Take it Torek ! Fast !
Track Name: The Fire Of Hell
The Fire Of Hell

Kartanel The Minstrel :
Having triumphed of this first hard proof
in the claws of the eternal snow,
the warrior and the wizard dash in search
of the second indispensable artefact to hope
to penetrate into the Temple Of Dreams.
It is the complementary of the Cold Blow Of Winter,
It name is The Fire Of Hell, The Jewel of Fire...
The same transformations takes place and ices
Disappear in an unbearable heat, which suffocates both heroes...
The molten lava flow under their foot...
They are transport by the protective
Spells in what seems to be a crater...
Track Name: The Temple Of Dreams Act I – The Gate Of Fantasy
The Temple Of Dreams Act I – The Gate Of Fantasy

Kartanel The Minstrel :
The Jewel Of Fire is finaly found...
So, the landscape transfom a last time
To give way to the the valley of darkness...
And the gates of The Temple Of Dreams...
Track Name: The Temple Of Dreams Act II – Black Gargoyles
The Temple Of Dreams Act II – Black Gargoyles

Torek :
So...that’s it ? The Temple Of Dreams ?
Just a small dark room with some Gargoyles ?
Grey :
Do not trust appearances, Torek...
Be careful, There is surely traps...
(Stone noise)
Torek :
Oh God ! Look ! The Gargoyles come to life !
There’s so much !
(Sreams of both and sword shock)
Track Name: The Temple Of Dreams Act III – Ancient Enigma
The Temple Of Dreams Act III – Ancient Enigma

Temple Of Dreams’s Voice (Wisper):
“You success the first proof...the strengh...
If you succed to triumph to the two others
You will earn what you’re searching...
Here’s the second proof...intelligence...
You have to resolve the following Enigma...
You have one chance, if you lose, you’ll die
flooded in this room...”
“Here’s the Enigma :
“ When I am discovered I don’t exist any more … "
You diserve a clue:
“the solution is what you expect to discover”
Torek :
I call you Mystic Temple...I know the solution...
“ When I am discovered I don’t exist any more … "
It’s waht we expect to find...It’s a Secret...
Temple Of Dreams’s Voice (Wisper):
Welldone warrior...it’s the correct answer...
I open to you the gate of the next proof...
(Gate’s Noise)
Track Name: The Temple Of Dreams Act IV – The Pain Of Agony
The Temple Of Dreams Act III – Ancient Enigma

Temple Of Dreams’s Voice (Wisper):
So...here’s the last proof...Pain
You will have to bear the suffering until its term,
If you succumb before or if you wish to to give
Up your death will follow...
Kartanel The Minstrel :
Both heroes beared with courage and bravery
The pain inflacted to them, and, at the end of this agony,
Both get up proud and victorious.
Nobody both can say if it will have lasted some seconds
or a few hours, but what they know now is that
The book returns to them …
Track Name: The Unveiled Secret
The Unveiled Secret

Kartanel The Minstrel :
When the final gate open to them, they enter...
And, they see the Book of Dargoras...
Torek take it and, everything disapear...
The Temple, The valley, the fear, the darkness...
They are now on the green hills of Deria...
All this...was it a dream or reality ?
Maybe the Temple Of Dreams doesn’t exist
Nobody never nows if that was real or now...
But the only thing didn’t disapear is the Book...
Torek opens it and beguins to read...
He discovers that the power of Dagoras is
Contain in a magic weapon named...
The Dragon Sword...