Dragon Sword IV - Power Of The Dark Dragon -

by Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream



The Fourth album of the Dragon Sword Saga and it last words...
"Everything turned to darkness..."


released November 1, 2011

All music's Rights Reserved - Protected By Copyright France

All songs composed by Peter Crowley

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Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream Hyères, France

My name is Peter Crowley, I'm a french independent composer of fantasy and adventure music, covering a huge range of style as :

Celtic Music
Symphonic Metal
Film music

Music has been my passion from a young age, I was first attracted by symphonic metal. I started to compose in 2008 that style of music until 2012 when I discovered genres like the ones just up there.
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Track Name: The Never Ending Quest
Kartanel The Minstrel :
The three heroes : Torek, Grey and Karos
Carry on their quest which seems to be endless...
They dash in the search of the second Ring...
The Teriak’s Ring...
To find this last one, they go to the Khor Volcano...
Where is hidden the ring...
So they cross the Dragon’s Path...
A way between the Alkaria’s Sacred Forest
And the Volcano...
Track Name: Dragon’s Path
(No Lyrics)
Track Name: The Seeker’s Betrayal
Grey :
By the Gods, Karos, what are you doing ?
Give me the Book !
Karos :
I do what must be done !
This book doesn’t belong to you !
Torek :
Bastard ! we trusted you Karos !
You don’t let me the choice
I’m gonna kill you !!
Give me the book !
Kartanel The Minstrel :
Finaly, Karos managed to escape with the
Book of the Order...
Leting the two heroes alone in the middle of
The Dragon’s Path...
Track Name: Argon, The Bloody Tyrant
Kartanel The Minstrel :
Karos stole the book of the Order
And succed to disapear thank to his magic...
He reappears in an hidden place
Where waits, Argon...
A demon with wonderful powers,
Who wish to kill all the tyrants and
Governs the Deria’s lands to apply
His reign of terror...
Karos :
I have the book of the order my lord...
But they still own the ring...
Argon :
I said to you to come back with the two !!
I will do the work myself once I will have
Get back the second ring...
As you can think, I will punish you Karos...
I am Argon, The Bloody Tyrant !!
Track Name: Khor Volcano
Demon’s Voice:
In the deep darkness where the life is only dust,
The demons rise and join the surface to kill
And spread the terror...
The border between the death and the life is broken and
Only a hero can redo what was undone...
Kartanel The Minstrel :
The Teriak’s ring desired by the
Bloody Tyrant, is in the deep
Khor Volcano, protected by spells and
Track Name: Power Of The Dark Dragon
Argon :
You come with Karos !
This volcano is a nest of demons
I will need your help...
Karos :
O...o...of course my...my lord...
I will follow you...un...until death...
Argon :
Oh god ! A Dragon’s spirit !
the ring shouldn't be so far !
Come on Karos !
Track Name: The Mighty Fight Of The Warriors
Kartanel The Minstrel :
After the triumph against the dark dragon,
Argon take the ring of Teriak and
Throw the Book of the order in the
Molten lava and the secrets it contained...
Argon dash in search of the two heroes
Which own the deria’s ring...
He knows he have to take it to go to the
Realm Of Soul and to take possession of the
Dragon Sword...
Argon :
So, you are the famous Torek the Warrior...
Hero of the Legend Of Time...
Give me the ring and I won’t kill you !
Torek :
You can dream bastard !
I will never let you take it !
If you want it, come on and fight !
Argon :
This is what I’m going to do !
Prepare for war !
Track Name: Death Blow
Demon’s voice :
When the darkness of the night
Falls in the lands...
The demons come to life
To haunt you...
Kartanel The Minstrel :
He finaly managed to take the magique artefact
And escape to go to the realm of soul...
Since this time...A Death Blow spills over
The lands destroying every hope and joy...
Everything turned to Darkness...