Dragon Sword V - Legend Of The Dragon Sword -

by Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream



The end of the saga...


released December 1, 2011

All songs composed by Peter Crowley - EXEPT the end of "Legend Of The Dragon Sword" composed by Koji Kondo - The Final Hours - Remixed By Clouddrifter .

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Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream Hyères, France

My name is Peter Crowley, I'm a french independent composer of fantasy and adventure music, covering a huge range of style as :

Celtic Music
Symphonic Metal
Film music

Music has been my passion from a young age, I was first attracted by symphonic metal. I started to compose in 2008 that style of music until 2012 when I discovered genres like the ones just up there.
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Track Name: The Ride Through The Mountains
Kartanel The Minstrel :
... Finally in possession of both rings,
Argon goes to the Realm Of Soul,
However, a last test waits for him before the ultimate stage...
He has to cross the mountain ranges which separate
The lands of the Deria Sea.
Once arrived at this one, he will have to wear
Both rings on his fingers and the Gate Of Worlds
Will materialize in front of them on the streams of the sea…
Track Name: The Gate Of Worlds
Argon :
Give me the rings karos ! I open the Gate ...
Watch this wonderful show...
Track Name: The Realm Of Soul Act I – Hardan Domain
Kartanel The Minstrel :
Having crossed the Gate Of Worlds accompanied
With Karos, Argon is finally in the Realm Of Soul,
A world of fantasy. They have to journey in this
Universe until find the Dragon Sword. Argon,
Before throwing the Book of the order
In the lava, in the Khor Volcano had finished its reading
And learnt that the Realm contains three keys …
These three keys were themselves fragments of a
Single key which, when its parts were assembled
Together permit to open the doors which will lead
Them to The Dragon Sword …
Kartanel The Minstrel :
The first Key is in the Hardan Domain, a mystic
Place where live creatures which steal the soul
Of the intruders to feed on it, the worst is the one
Called Hardan who is the keeper of the fragment of key …
Hardan :
Argon !! This is my domain !!!
Track Name: The Realm Of Soul Act II – Nayle Labyrinth
Kartanel The Minstrel :
… The second Key is in the Nayle Labyrinth,
A way filled with trap waits for the tyrant …
Track Name: The Realm Of Soul Act III – The Forest Of Revelations
Kartanel The Minstrel :
… And the last one is in the Forest of the Revelations,
The real intentions of the intruder are put has naked,
Only a man with a pure heart and noble intentions can
Seize the last fragment without being
Attacked by the souls of the forest …
Track Name: The Portal Of Destiny
Kartanel The Minstrel :
Here it was...The Dragon Sword...
The mystic weapon containing the power
Of the most powerful wizards which
Lived in this planet...
Just in front of Argon,
Beyond the Portal Of Destiny...
Argon :
I can’t believe it...
We’ve done it Karos...
I take the Sword...