The Kingdom Of Ordalys

by Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream



10 songs album for 63 min lengh.

AAAAAAND : if you BUY the album you'll have 2 Bonus tracks (14 min) for a total lengh of : 77 min !
they are not available on free listening, only if you buy the album.


released February 10, 2013

A big thanks for :

- 'tooDee' for this artwork and for the new Peter Crowley's font
you can follow him here :

- my friend 'Stef Wolf' for his voice in 'My Own World'


All songs composed by Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream
All rights reserved - 2013 -



all rights reserved


Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream Hyères, France

My name is Peter Crowley, I'm a french independent composer of fantasy and adventure music, covering a huge range of style as :

Celtic Music
Symphonic Metal
Film music

Music has been my passion from a young age, I was first attracted by symphonic metal. I started to compose in 2008 that style of music until 2012 when I discovered genres like the ones just up there.
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Track Name: My Own World
I close my eyes
And I am anywhere ...
I am not afraid here.
I am just me ...

I rest my head under a gloden tree ...
Beathing the icy air.
I feel the soul of the wind ...
Caressing my skin, slowly, tenderly ...

When I look at the sky ...
I can imagine,
And I see all those wonders,
I always wanted to see ...

A dragon, flying over the horizon ...
Following his own way
And an angel ...
Spreading love, and hope ...

Don’t be affraid by the dreams,
Because it’s the most wonderful thing you will ever know.
To fly, all you simply have to do is have the want.
To travel in time, you simply have to take a step...

And always,
The dreams of the dreamer will be true ...
And his wishes,
Always will be fulfilled ...

Take my hand
Let's get away from here ...
Let us escape the intensity,
of this reality.

Let’s find a place
Where we could live our dreams,
In the sanctuary of fantasy,
The sancturay of the escapism

Let us wander,
Into this Kingdom ...
Flying away,
And stopping not once.

It’s the only way I have to escape from my daily life ...
Close my eyes ... and enter in this world ...
My own world ...
Where everything is possible ...