Dragon Sword III - Deria’s Ring -

by Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream



The Third Album of the Dragon Sword Saga...
The epic story of Torek The Warrior and Grey the Wizard...

October 2011


released October 5, 2011

All music's Rights Reserved (EXEPT the intro of "Alkaria's Sacred Forest" extract from a song called "Journey To The Stars" by Antongiulio Frulio

Protected By Copyright France

All Songs composed by Peter Crowley
EXEPT the intro of "Alkaria's Sacred Forest" extract from a song called "Journey To The Stars" - Unknown artist !

Album arts rights belong to Andeavenor

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Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream Hyères, France

My name is Peter Crowley, I'm a french independent composer of fantasy and adventure music, covering a huge range of style as :

Celtic Music
Symphonic Metal
Film music

Music has been my passion from a young age, I was first attracted by symphonic metal. I started to compose in 2008 that style of music until 2012 when I discovered genres like the ones just up there.
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Track Name: The Power Of The Order Of Creators
The Power Of The Order Of Creators

Kartanel The Minstrel :
They found the ancient book of the Creators...
They know thanks to this book that a magic weapon
Contain the power of Dagoras...The Dragon Sword...
To find this one, they must own two magic artefacts
Which will lead the heroes towards the Treasure...
It is about two magic rings which are hidden in the lands:
The Deria’s Ring and The Teriak’s Ring …
Track Name: Legend Of Creation
Legend Of Creation

Kartanel The Minstrel :
According to the Legend Of Creation, Deria,
Goddess of all , had to marry a man called
Teriak but this last one made her suffer and she
Broke their union and threw their rings on earth.
These two gathered rings had to take them in front of the
Gate Of Worlds, to permit them to marry in a magic world...
So the man who would own these two rings could call upon the
Gate Of Worlds and travel in parallel universes …
All those one are contained in a place called...The Realm Of Soul
And the Dragon Sword is contained in this Realm…
Track Name: The Warrior's Sadness
The Warrior’s Sadness

Kartanel The Minstrel :
A look on the world...
Destroyed by the war...
Destroyed by the hatred...
Only now remain the despair...
And the sadness...
The red Moon of Blood...
The Dark Night...
And the cold dakness...
Only now remain the despair...
And the warrior’s sadness...
Track Name: The Pass Of Hark-Loss
The Pass Of Hark-Loss

Kartanel The Minstrel :
The Deria’s Ring, is, acording to the book...
In the deep Sacred Forest Of Alkaria...
But, because of the Emerald Lake just at the
Middle of the Deria’s Lands,
Both heroes must travel through
The Pass Of Hark-Loss...
A Dark path between the Emerald Lake
And The Teriak Sea...
Track Name: Daro's Village
Daro’s Village

Kartanel The Minstrel :
After the dark Pass Of Hark-Loss...
The heroes must find find a place
To eat and sleep...
The Daro’s Village is here for them...
Track Name: Karos, The Seeker Of Shadow
Karos, The Seeker Of Shadow

Karos :
Hi my name is Karos...
I’am a Seeker Of Shadow...
We fight since the ancient time
The creatures of darkness and
Demons for the justice...
I heard you say that you go to the
Alkaria’s Sacred Forest...
Without a guide you’ll die...
Let me go with you...
Track Name: Alkaria's Sacred Forest
Alkaria’s Sacred Forest

Kartanel The Minstrel :
Accompanied with Karos,
They cross the Alkaria’s Sacred Forest
and go to the swamp...
Track Name: The Swamp Of Mists
The Swamp Of Mists

Swamp’s Voice (Wisper) :
Karos !
Torek !
Grey !
Karos :
Here’s The Swamp Of Mists sirs !
Torek :
Oh ! God ! What is that smell !
Grey :
This is the swamp...we must press on !
I fell a weid presence !
Swamp’s Voice :
(Evil Laugh)
Track Name: Deria's Ring
Deria’s Ring

Kartanel The Minstrel :
Once at the bottom of the swamp, the three
Heroes see on it altar the Deria’s Ring enlightened
By a slender sunbeam which reaches to cross
The dense mass of vegetation.
Karos :
Oh God ! This is the Creature of the Swamp...
Beware of his tentacles !
Torek :
Grey ! Beware !
Grey :
Kartanel The Minstrel :
After a relentless fight, thanks to the teamwork
and to the precious help of Karos, the creature is finaly
killed and falls in the depths of waters of the
Swamp of Mists …
The Sacred Ring of Deria finally belongs to them …